Our White Tanks 550 Repeater will be available for all licensed GMRS users and their family from Friday, February 10th through Sunday, February 12th. Just program your radios using the TX travel tone 141.3 on 467.550 and RX travel tone 141.3 on 462.550. Our repeater is also narrow band. This is a family friendly organization and vulgar/profane language will not be tolerated. Please remember to identify with your FCC callsign at the end of your conversation and or every 15 minutes during a longer conversation. Enjoy the Super Bowl and your time in Arizona.
We Are A 501(c)3 Recognized Nonprofit Organization

Our Radio Nets

The club puts on several nets (meetings on the radio), and we love it when our club members participate and contribute to the fun!
GMRS 1900 Net
AZGMRS's primary net, held every Tuesday, is an informal gathering of club members to get announcements, share news and stories and whatever else comes to mind. As it's held on Tuesdays, visitors with the Travel Tone are welcome and encouraged to check-in and participate. "The use of only Part 90 & 95 radios is strictly enforced. The use of out-of-band or modified amateur radio equipment is prohibited".
Weather Net
When the storms roll into the Valley and surrounding areas, AZGMRS activates the Weather Net and keeps you up to date on current conditions. We also take Storm Spotter Reports from trained weather spotters.
Morning & Evening Traffic
The traffic around the valley can be crazy, avoid the problems by listening in on the traffic reports Monday through Friday from 0630-0900 in the morning, and for your drive home between 1630-1830. Many members also report conditions where they are as they travel throughout the day.

Radio License?

Don't have your GMRS license from the FCC Yet?
Head on over to the FCC's website and register today. No tests. No morse code.
The fee is approximately $35 and covers your immediate family for 10 years. 
What are you waiting for?